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The Benefits of Keyless Entry Systems

Nearly all newer models of vehicles come with keyless entry. This feature allows vehicle owners to unlock their cars without inserting their car key into the car door lock first. It also allows drivers to do enter their cars quickly and efficiently. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of keyless entry for your vehicle. Also, with advancements in technology, keyless entry is even available for home and property owners. The same great tool that has helped vehicle owners improve their day-to-day lives can now help improve one’s home life, too.

Automotive Keyless Entry


The number one benefit to owning a vehicle that has keyless entry locks is the convenience of it. When one is out running errands, one’s entire day seems more efficient with the use of keyless entry locks. As you are going to and from various locations or stores, you can quickly unlock your vehicle doors or trunk with the push of a button. You can either lock or unlock your vehicle with ease as you are walking to and away from your car. So many vehicle owners already have keyless entry installed on their vehicles, that it may be hard for some to imagine what life was like prior to keyless entry capabilities. If you own a vehicle that does not have keyless entry, you may want to consider upgrading simply for the convenience of it.


Safety is another great perk to having keyless entry locks for your vehicle. Let’s say you work a swing shift or late at night. This may mean you will be walking to your car late at night to drive home. The few moments it takes to unlock your vehicle manually may be just enough time for something bad to happen. You put your own safety at risk when you are preoccupied or distracted, such as when fumbling to place your vehicle key in the lock slot and unlock the door. This preoccupation can give watchful criminals the opportunity to come up to you and harm you in some way. When you have a keyless entry remote, in this same scenario, you bypass needing to hassle with the key at all. Instead, you can simply push the button on the remote to unlock your car door while you are walking towards it and paying attention to your surroundings at the same time.

Residential Keyless Entry

Keyless entry is not just for your vehicle anymore. Thanks to technology, you can now install keyless entry locks for your home. No matter what model you are interested in purchasing or what additional features you are looking for, you are bound to find the right keyless entry model for your home that fits all of your needs.


Just like with automotive keyless entry, residential keyless entry offers homeowners a significant level of convenience and ease. Residential keyless entry options are quite varied and can operate under several different mechanisms. The most common type of residential keyless entry includes combination and keypad locks. These devices operate using a code number to enter into one’s home. Other models can connect to one’s cell phone, allowing residents to enter their homes when their phones are in proximity to the door lock, adding an even greater level of ease.


Also, as with automotive keyless entry, the same safety benefits also apply to residential keyless entry. If you often come home late at night or live alone, keyless entry is a fantastic option. Omitting the need to reach to find your keys once you arrive at your door, as well as taking the time to put it in the slot, may just save your life. If it is a habit for you to come home after dark, a watchful criminal may take note of this. The time it takes you to use your key to enter your home may be just enough time for someone to take advantage of the situation and cause you harm. You can avoid this tragic possibility entirely by installing keyless entry locks. Using a keypad lock or the connectivity of your smart phone to enter your home are both faster and safer options than traditional keys.


Keyless entry locks also offer enhanced security. Since keyless entry locks require that new, electronic locks are installed, you can guarantee that these locks are more difficult to break into. Compared to deadbolts or other locks, keyless entry locks are more durable and resistant to break-ins. If you want increased security overall for your home, consider keyless entry locks. You will get the added benefit of being able to quickly and conveniently enter your home, while also enhancing your home’s protection. Most criminals will not even bother to tamper with electronic locks due to their anti-tampering mechanisms and increased durability.

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If you have decided to upgrade to keyless entry locks, you will definitely want to rely on a professional lock and key expert to help you. Trying to install keyless entry yourself without prior experience is a bad idea. By doing this, you could damage your locks or the surrounding structures. You will save yourself a considerable amount of time and heartache if you trust a locksmith to help you first. Call a local locksmith near you today for the fastest and most reliable service when it comes to your keyless entry systems.

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