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Locksmith In Powder Springs: Panic Bars, Importance in Commercial Property

You might know what panic bars are in the sense that you have come across them before somewhere. If you have ever been out to a movie theater, you likely saw or walked right past a panic bar. If you have ever been in a medical building or any other large building, you might have seen a panic bar. Some assume that panic bars are just “alarm” bars – yes, a panic bar can have an alarm, but this is not their sole purpose. When you run a business, a panic device is important because it works as a mechanism to easily open a door – all you have to do is push down on a bar, and this is the reason why they are sometimes called push bars.

Having an understanding of what a panic bar is, is important because then you can determine if this is something that would benefit you and your business property. This device is important in protecting those who enter your property, whether you are thinking about employees, customers or both because this device lets persons get out fast when an emergency is occurring. In some cases, you are going to need to be able to escape fast and this can be a matter of avoiding a life threatening injury or worse. What is your exit plan? Are you abiding by regulations and the law?

You can see that a panic bar lets a person exit a building fast because they are given the ability to get out by pushing down on a bar– this is where the name “push bar” comes from. When a person or more than one person pushes down on the bar, a latch is retracted and this lets the door open up so you can get out. In addition to helping with a fast exit, this device can be considered handicapped-accessible.

What Sort of Business Would Need Panic Bars?

Panic bars are found in a variety of business properties as they are important mechanisms for safety. So, where might you see this type of device? You might have noticed them in a resort hotel. When you went to Disney World, did you see them on the doors whenever you’d walk out to your hotel’s pool? College campuses have them, too. You have likely seen them in hospital settings or in medical buildings if you have gone in for an appointment. You will also see them in movie theaters. You might have seen them previously in malls, too. Check into International Building Code to see if you are required to have one. It can depend on the capacity for your property. National Fire Protection Association Code is a code you will also want to check. Of course, you want to be doing things the right way and you want to abide by the rules.

Panic Bars Offer More Security

No one wants to stress about potential emergency situations happening, but we all know that they do happen. But in some cases, while you can’t always prevent them, you can be prepared. Let’s say you were in the awful situation of your property catching on fire. This might have been completely unpreventable. But you want to know what you are supposed to do and you want the people on your property to be able to get out fast. Ask yourself if those on your property would be able to get out without trampling one another. Would they be able to get out quickly? Or would they be stuck? You wouldn’t want them fumbling with a door handle or knob to get out.

In addition to helping people get out fast, you might save when it comes to insurance. This is something to talk with your insurance company about. Sometimes, customers are rewarded in small ways for doing things the right way.

Panic Bars – Yes, Commercial Properties Can Benefit From Them

We hope you now are able to recognize what crash bars are and the fact that these devices, also called “panic bars” are important to have – in some cases, they are critical.

We mentioned an alarm system in connection with a panic bar. Yes, you can get one hooked to an alarm.

If you are ready to install a panic bar or pick one out, we recommend connecting with a locksmith who is insured and certified because they will know what they are doing and they will know how to properly install this device. If you make a mistake in the installation process, the bar might not function as it is supposed to, especially if you get something more advanced.

If you are looking into getting a panic bar, take the time to explore and think about the points mentioned here. Locksmith In Powder Springs is a local locksmith that serves customers in Powder Springs, Georgia. Our team of experts is proud to be able to provide many commercial locksmith services, so when you call us, you can rest assured you are finding exactly what you need. We offer inspections, free price estimates, free consultations and so on. We can answer your questions and provide the expert advice you are looking for about panic bars and why they are significant for businesses to have.

Get in Touch With an Expert!

If you got one thing out of this article, it is the knowledge that if and when a mass exit were to be needed, you would want to know that you have done everything in your power to help out. You are going to want to know that you have panic bars installed.

Call our experts if you are in our service area in order to schedule a free consultation with a locksmith expert that you can count on. Or, if located elsewhere, get on the phone with a locksmith by you. This is a person who has your best interests in mind and wants to help you secure your property. They will tell you how important a panic bar is for commercial properties!